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the words she is using to describe president obama's health care reform. >> clayton: have seen her on disney, but today selena gomez brings the magic of us. the cast of the wizards of waverly place writer on "fox & friends." for our slogan this morning we actually have a letter from her chat away of enfield connecticut. once is a team from "fox news" baker because the seat of their views about when they pulled it together including the weather, they chased away all of our blues. >> alysin: nice. >> clayton: you're watching "fox & friends" and under this new health-care plan, dave and i get to give houston a physical. they want ha ha. funny should mention that because i do understand you guys will be -- >> dave: a better read that bill. >> alysin: me too. other big on to keep my current healthcare. we will demonstrate mouth-to-mouth not only on each other but on a dog. >> dave: that's right. >> alysin: how your pet mouth-to-mouth seizure usually we do medical rewind which tackles the big human health-related stories. this weekend however we have your biggest pet medical stories and there were
xm radio that is in the car listening to it or when he's working out. his not wanting us. just a reminder to us you can actually does have one serious and xm radios. ought to mention that. >> alysin: was a horrible attack in baghdad this week. 1000 people possibly injured, 100 people killed. did u.s. troops start to pull out of iraq too soon russian ark is this evidence of that? we have colonel ollie north on who has an interesting take on the violence that. >> dave: dr. mike is coming out what's he talking about. >> clayton: sudden infant death syndrome is a concern of experience. he will talk about it medical breakthrough this year that could help parents get a good nights sleep and prevent sudden death and ten syndrome a device equipped red pepper. he will tell us about that. >> alysin: it would really help parents. give them peace of mind. >> dave: we start this morning with continued health-care debate and it seems opposition to the healthcare plan is dramatically on the rise. a new poll out from abc news washington post reports that 50% of people are now opposed to obama'
by amy fisher, her husband spent a number of mary jo joins us live this morning to tell us why she stayed with her husband and wife. she knows he is a sociopath and how you can get out of bad relationships. speak either cash recorders running on empty, until lawmakers vote to reject 2 billion more dollars into the program. so is this just another government bail out? we report you decide. >> clayton: in the cutthroat coffeehouse business and companies are looking for an edge in this little stand may have owned it. where is this place chicken article right now. it's bikini coffee are solving this morning comes from john in millersburg, ohio this early in the morning time to climb out of your bunker. watch "fox & friends" before driving in your bunker behind very timely. >> clayton: welcome to "fox & friends" do so this? that's fresh news. we have some good stories, i just put it as i said you guys later, but there's been some great stories we're talking about this morning feeling karl rove is here to talk about the state of the health care reform bill. some are saying it made major progres
let us recap it for you and then we will discuss. civic assume that someone is violating the law. >> never ever signed up for anything related to this white house, senator obama as a candidate, senator obama has anything and have received e-mails from david axelrod. how could that be? and i could be interested to see we got it from and whether they're on the list. i want to be -- to make your time you need to give you these peoples e-mail signature, list? i'm just asking senator asking if they're on the list. i have no checking without asking me to doublecheck and name. select they are telling me they're not on the list because they never asked for an e-mail from the white house tonight i have to look at what you got, maj. i appreciate the fact that i have omnipotent clarity as to what you have received in your e-mail box today. i haven't. >> you don't have to impugn anything. i'm telling you what i got. e-mails from people saying i never asked for anything from the white house that they received something to make me go somewhere else that might be constructive. >> clayton: point
to get it all. >> fantastic. wanted you for joining us on a saturday morning. >> saturday? he went you guys got the wrong calendar check yours on clock ever. he went you will see that we could folks are all morning long because we will cover senator qo(] special day here with >> coming up shortly we have a lawyer for a runaway teen who converted to christianity. this is something that while i was on vacation you covered. >> everyday. everyday we will have the lawyer back to comment on the lawyer could come back. she can join us. we're not going to sacrifice her and kill her but she claims the muslim religion demands. >> alysin: they say they never threatened her. her parents. in that case why isn't she being reunited russian ark she has some very grave concerns. we will talk to the lawyer about that. >> there are new concerns this morning about car seats. we have a baby this is a big issue for parents. which one is the right one. we will tell you that the doers are. >> particularly something i worry about, we put the kids in the car seat at predicting on the chest, could possibly suffo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5